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What to expect

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First Steps

Auto accidents are frustrating and sometimes harrowing experiences. Looking for and finding the proper help can be challenging. An auto injury chiropractor can be the fit you are looking for to aid recovery.

Wishbone Chiropractic has extensive experience working with simple to complex auto accident injury cases. First, I examine to determine if the injuries sustained are related to the car accident. Then, if injuries are present, I will assess the level of damage that has occurred. Finally, I will present and discuss your treatment plan. The treatment plan is your road to recovery.

Assessing your injuries

It is crucial that you get assessed for injuries after an auto accident. Loss of consciousness or passing out symptoms NEED to be examined before I perform any treatment. Broken bones or cuts are a medical emergency and should be treated in that setting. 

First, you and I will go over what happened. I ensure the patient leads this process because post-traumatic stress is natural in these cases. Next, I will begin the examination to get a good baseline for your injuries. Finally, I will present a diagnosis and a treatment plan, explain any required imaging, i.e., x-rays, and begin treatment.

Common Symptoms

Neck Pain




Jaw Pain

Upper back pain

Shoulder pain

Arm or leg pain

Low back pain

Your treatment plan

Each treatment plan is unique to the patient. Treatment can vary depending on the patients and my goals of care. Chiropractic adjustments are therapeutic and are widespread but not always needed. An adjustment can be used if your joints are not functioning correctly and causing pain. Stretching and exercise therapy are used in conjunction to strengthen the body and reduce the risk of re-injury. 

Cost of treatment

Your motor vehicle insurance policy covers the cost of treatment when those injuries are due to an auto accident, just like your insurance company covers the cost of repairing your vehicle. Wishbone Chiropractic will verify with your insurance to confirm that there is a claim open before any treatments are billed. 

You are responsible for opening a claim before seeking treatment. You must call your insurance company and state to open an injury claim. Your insurance company will confirm that your policy includes injury coverage (mandatory in Oregon). They will then open a claim for you.

I am genuinely sorry that you are in the middle of this. Please let me know if you have questions – Contact